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We’re always asked, do you sell plants online? Do you ship? Well now we do!

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Monstera – The Indoor Plant Store

Got back in time and get groovy with some retro houseplants for your home or office. We have a great range of indoor plants as well as cactus and succulents, and bonsai, and heaps of gift goodies. Now open 6 months!


Two-toned pink

Cacti have been busy flowering this last month. A few examples.


Wait for it…


From afar


A near perfect Aloe, awaiting customers at the door.


Teeth Visible



Some shots of the ever-popular Phalaenopsis Orchid (aka ‘Moth Orchid’).


Hand picked and in transit from nursery to Ponsonby Plants






A favorite (1)


A favourite (2)

Perhaps best known in the sansevieria genus is the common snake plant (or mother-in-law’s tongue). But a much finer specimen/species is the Sansevieria cylindrica (aka, African spear). No more tongue: these have beautiful cylindrical (spear-like) leaves, which the baboons of Angola have been known to impale themselves on.

The write-up on Wikipedia reads:

Sansevieria cylindrica, also known as the Cylindrical Snake Plant, African Spear or Spear Sansevieria, is a succulent plant native to Angola.

S. cylindrica has striped, round leaves that are smooth and a green-gray color. A single leaf is about 3 cm (1 in) thick and grows to a height between 1 m (3 ft) and 2 m (7 ft). The Spear Sansevieria grows fan-shaped, with its stiff leaves growing from a basal rosette. The species is interesting in having rounded instead of strap-shaped leaves caused by a failure to express genes which would cause the cylindrical bud to differentiate dorsoventrally or produce a distinctive and familiar top and bottom surface to the leaf blade. The 3 cm (1 in) greenish-white tubular flowers are tinged with pink. The species is drought-tolerant and in captivity needs water only about once every other week during the breeding season. The species was described by Wenceslas Bojer in 1837.

Here’s one, new on display in the shop (Ponsonby Plants)…








Three smaller ficus lyratas in a ceramic pot


With vibrant, translucent green foliage that has both an interesting shape and texture, the ficus fiddle leaf is among the most popular houseplants. Many don’t realise there are two common varieties, the larger leaf original (ficus lyrata) and the smaller leaf variant called bambino (patent info here).


Adult lyrata leaf

These are a popular favourite on pinterest and the like, but these shots are from here at Ponsonby Plants. The first image shows three little lyratas in a medium-sized ceramic pot.

The lower images reveal the beauty of the leaf.


Close up

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